At the beginning of the 21st century humanity is poised for a revolution in our understanding of consciousness, as the first-person modes of inquiry of the contemplative traditions of the world are integrated with the third-person methods of modern science. The Santa Barbara Institute for Consciousness Studies is dedicated to furthering such interdisciplinary and cross-cultural investigation of the nature and potentials of consciousness and extending its benefits to the general public.


The Institute’s research emphasizes the integration of scientific approaches with contemplative methods adhering to equally high standards, radically expanding the study of the mind to explore its potentials more fully than ever before. Its practice and education focus is on the cultivation of human flourishing and genuine happiness through exceptional mental health and balance, bringing the physical and psychological benefits of training awareness to ever-broader segments of the population and all areas of life.



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Lecture “What Constitutes Compelling Evidence, and for Whom?” at Mind & Life International Symposium for Contemplative Studies

ISCS 2014 - Master Lecture - Paul Ekman, B. Alan Wallace

What Constitutes Compelling Evidence, And For Whom? (B. Alan Wallace)

Why Don't We All Have Global Compassion? (Paul Ekman)

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Meditation Retreat on A Contemplative Science of Consciousness


Modern science has discovered many important facts about the mind by studying it indirectly through the examination of the neural correlates and behavioral expressions of mental processes. The Buddhist science of the mind takes a more direct approach: it seeks to understand the mind and consciousness through direct, sophisticated observation and analysis. This accords with all other branches of the natural sciences, which seek to understand the phenomena under investigation by direct observation, rather than focusing merely on correlated events. In this retreat Alan Wallace will explain three dimensions of consciousness: that of the ordinary mind, or psyche; the underlying, subtle continuum of awareness known as the consciousness; and the deepest, transcendent dimension of primordial consciousness. He will also discuss how each of these dimensions can be experientially discovered through first-person investigation.
The retreat consist of lectures, guided meditations, and discussions. This retreat was held at the Old Mission Renewal Center, Santa Barbara from Nov. 09-16, 2014.


Epilogue to Meditations of a Buddhist Skeptic

An Interview with B. Alan Wallace:

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April 12 - April 17, 2015