Meditation Retreat on Shamatha in the Dzogchen Tradition

Meditation Retreat on Shamatha in the Dzogchen Tradition

 Meditation Retreat on Shamatha in the Dzogchen Tradition
In his mind treasure, The Sharp Vajra of Conscious Awareness Tantra, the 19th-century Dzogchen master Dudjom Lingpa clearly explains four quintessential practices that are each indispensable on the Great Perfection path to enlightenment. They are: meditative quiescence (shamatha), contemplative insight (vipashyana), the breakthrough (tekchö), and the direct crossing-over (tögal). 
In this retreat Alan Wallace gives a detailed explanation of the opening section of this text (including Dudjom Lingpa's own commentary), together with guided meditations, focusing on the shamatha practice of “taking the mind as the path.” This is the most emphasized shamatha practice in the Dzogchen tradition as a whole, and it provides a profound and insightful means to explore the mind and eventually dissolve it into its relative ground-state, the substrate consciousness. This is a necessary foundation for the practice for the practice of vipashyana and the authentic Dzogchen meditation.
This week long retreat was held in November 6-13, 2011 at the Old Mission Renewal Center in Santa Barbara, CA
The nine disc DVD set chronicles the seven- day retreat consisting of lectures, guided meditations and discussions.

Price: $150.00