Seven Point Mind Training Retreat Audio

Seven Point Mind Training Retreat Audio
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The Seven-Point Mind-Training stems from the teachings of the 11th- century Indian Buddhist scholar and contemplative Atisha and was first written down by the 12th-century Tibetan monk Chekawa. This train- ing summarizes the Bodhisattva way of life by integrating theories and practices for the cultivation of ultimate and relative bodhichitta, or the mind of awakening. Beginning with a careful investigation of the nature of the mind and its relation to nature as a whole, resulting in a realization of emptiness and dependent origination, this training then leads one to the experience of profound compassion and the trans- formation of all experiences into means of furthering one’s spiritual growth. This training is widely taught in all schools of Tibetan Bud- dhism and provides a practical guide for transformation one’s whole life into spiritual practice.
A central theme of the Seven-Point Mind Training is to make the liberating passage from the constricting solitude of self-centeredness to the warm kinship with others, which occurs with the cultivation of cherishing others even more than oneself. Its use of aphorisms or slogans makes the teachings easy to remember and to put into practi- cal use immediately. Tonglen or Taking and Sending meditations are designed to help overcome suffering of self and others.
All seven days of this retreat are reproduced in full in this two CD set, conveniently divided into teachings, meditations, and discussions. PDF files on the first disk include explanatory notes on the audio files, retreat handouts, and other pertinent information.
This audio MP3 CD set chronicles the seven-day retreat held at Santa Barbara's historical Old Mission. Recorded March 21-28,2010. MP3 CDs suitable for use in computers and MP3 players.

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