Retreat Recordings

 Mindfulness and Introspection in Daily Life
A weekend retreat held June 24-26, 2011 in Santa Barbara, California

In this...

The Way of Shamatha: Soothing the Body, Settling the Mind, and Illuminating Awar

This nine-disc DVD set chronicles the seven-day The Way of Shamatha retreat
held at Santa Barbara's historic Old Mission in April 2008....


The Santa Barbara Institute offers public lectures, workshops and seminars on a variety of consciousness studies-related topics, as well as weekend and week-long meditation retreats focused on the cultivation of motivational, attentional, cognitive, and emotional balance led by B. Alan Wallace. All retreats are divided into 1/3 meditation, 1/3 teachings, and 1/3 discussion/questions and answers. The daily sessions run 9am-noon; 2-4pm; 7-9pm. The week-long begins at 5pm on Sunday with orientation and end after lunch the following Sunday. All meals are included (even for commuters) in the listed price.